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About the Aglaia project.
The Aglaia project is a new general purpose programming language specification, and implementation.

We aim to provide a viable replacement for C and C++. The language focuses on providing more features than C++, but with a syntax that is both simpler, and less prone to programmer errors. The syntax very much resembles C++, but the differences between C++ and Aglaia are probably as numerous as the differences between C++ and Java.

Aglaia provides all the major features of C++, like OOP (including multiple inheritance), generics, etc. However it's true strength lies in features that are not and probably never will be in C++. The language features include: contracts, built in version control, dynamic (bounds checked) arrays, garbage collection, improved control structures, nested functions, imports, and much, much more!

Currently we are working to implement a bootstrap compiler and to refine the language specification.
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