Welcome to the Aglaia language home page. Right now I am working on the site, so this is just a placeholder. I hate web authoring so I make no promises as to when this site will be up. I do have an experienced PHP programmer that will probably be helping me out...We'll see which of us gets anything done first :-)

In the meantime you can view the language spec here. This is very much a work in progress, so coments, suggestions, even criticism are stongly encouraged.

I always planned on aglaia being more than just another programming language. I also planned on finishing the language before pursuing the rest of my vision. Unfortunately I have no self control, and the other day while I was at the lake I began work on the aglaia.api. It since I've started I might as well give you a quick idea of what aglaia really is. It's kind of a cross between the GNU project and .NET, but hopefully it won't suck like they do :-). Anyway, information on aglaia.api can be had here. Also I began work on the "real" website a bit ago. Right now it's not more than a concept, but if you want to look it is here.

You can contact me via e-mail, ICQ (4083817), AIM (ylixir).

You can view the project at SourceForge.net Logo